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Why Photograph? Episode Four — Isabella Moore

Isabella Moore is an Australian and Afro/Native Peruvian photojournalist from Sydney who makes socially and culturally driven portraits and essays. Informed by her cultural heritage, Moore’s stories share insights and observations about society that are traditionally stereotyped or misrepresented in the media, reporting with, instead of on, or about people. Australian Photographers’ Journal visited Moore on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia to ask her one question: Why photograph?

Why Photograph? Episode Three — Paul Blackmore

Paul Blackmore is an acclaimed Sydney-based photojournalist whose work is renowned for covering social and political issues both in his home country and internationally. Blackmore’s books, work and essays have been exhibited and published widely. His highly regarded first book, Australians: Response to the Land examined how the tough Australian environment animates and influences Australian culture and his later book, Heat glimpsed Australians’ refuge in the ocean throughout three consecutive Sydney heatwaves. Australian Photographers’ Journal visited Blackmore in Bondi, Australia to ask him one question: Why photograph?

Why Photograph? Episode Two — Sam Ferris

Over the last decade, Sam Ferris has proven himself as one of the most talented street photographers Australia has ever seen. As a self-labelled “failed academic”, Ferris found solace and friendships while wandering the streets of a new city with a camera in hand and in many ways, has spearheaded a new generation of Sydney street photographers, helping to grow this small community by founding the Aussie Street festival in 2019. His work has been recognized internationally and was a finalist in the 2019 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize. Australian Photographers Journal visited Ferris at his home in Newtown and on the streets of Sydney’s CBD to ask him one question: Why photograph? Our on-going series ‘Why Photograph?’ examines the lives, work and motivation of 56 of Australia’s most thought-provoking photographers and image-makers in a series of short documentaries made at home and abroad.

Why Photograph? Episode One — Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont is an Australian photojournalist, artist and photobook maker whose work has covered conflict, politics, portraiture and daily life. Dupont is mostly committed to long term personal projects and has been recognised around the world for his concerned photography on the human condition, war and climate. His images have received international acclaim for their artistic integrity and valuable insight into the people, culture and communities that are fast disappearing from our world. Australian Photographers Journal visited Dupont at his home south of Sydney to ask him one question: Why photograph?